About us 

Here you will find lots of information that will help you get a picture of the very special atmosphere of our hotel.  

Learn more about the team and the facilities.

In our gallery we have captured some beautiful impressions of our house, our guests and celebrations.

Our philosophy:

"Our goal is to provide good service to our guests always pamper and inspire, this is our philosophy that we pass on our staff." 

"We understand our roles is to make your stay with us memorable"

Some history of the house

In 1973 the building was built as an apartment house and a few years later by the owner in a hotel Garni rebuilt. In 1982 the family Müller acquired the Hotel Römerstein. Since the death of the mother lead the siblings Heinz-Dieter Müller and Sonja Sonnack born Müller the hotel itself further. Over the years, with 7 rooms with shared toilets 17 rooms with private bathrooms.

In 1995 the hotel was the first and only time, because of a general refurbishment, closed. Since its reopening later a half years the house has 25 rooms with private bath, a solarium, a sauna with fitness equipment and a restaurant.